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Drs. Richard H. Voorendonk   Drs. Peter W. Draisma
Drs. Richard H. Voorendonk   Drs. Peter W. Draisma
Monique van den Hoeven
Monique van den Hoeven (1967) is the office manager at Pentacompany. She handles all kinds of information and reports and is responsible for the financial administration.

Jan BrunstingJan Brunsting
MSc, born 1956, graduated in Social and Organizational Psychology in Utrecht. Experience in managementtraining, coaching and consultancy for many years. In addition facilitator, assessor. Since 2005 associate at Pentacompany.

Jacqueline van Heeswijk
MSc, born 1972, graduated in Business Psychology in Amsterdam. Skilled professional in assessment, recruitment, careercoaching and training. Since 2008 associated.

Eva JanssenEva Janssen
MSc, born 1969, graduated in Social Psychology in Amsterdam. Senior psychologist with many years of experience in coaching, assessments, training and consultancy. Works with Pentacompany since 2004.

Bart KurverBart Kurver
MSc, born 1973. Graduated in Business and Health Psychology in Utrecht. Specialized in assessment-center methods and experienced assessor. In addition coach and trainer. Associate with Pentacompany since 2003.

Arco PootArco Poot
MSc, born 1968, graduated in Experimental and Cognitive Psychology in Leiden. Arco is skilled and experienced in Study and Career-topics. Assesses, trains and coaches employees and youngsters. Associated with Pentacompany since 2002.

Resi Probst
Resi is an independent HR Development consultant since 2008. In addition she works as a trainer, coach and lecturer at the Rotterdam university, an university of applied sciences. After her graduation, she first worked as a recruitment consultant for a few years. Then, she developed her career more and more towards the field of labor and organizational psychology. Eventually she has worked for almost 10 years as an assessment and development consultant, trainer, coach and mentor at an HRD consulting firm.

Gerda SpruitGerda Spruit
MSc, born 1967, graduate Personality Psychology and Business Administration in Groningen. Experience in Assessment and Clinical Diagnostics, Career-counseling and training. Organizational Consultancy and Intercultural Communication too. Associate at Pentacompany since 1999