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Why Pentacompany?

Pentacompany is a psychological consultancy for professionals, leaders and organizations, founded in 1998. Clients see us as a trusted partner, professional, inspiring and knowledge-driven. We focus on an ‘evidence-based’ approach and invest in our know-how. We consider tailor-made work to be very important and we abstain from being ‘confection-thinkers’; we shun the one-size-fits-all principle. We choose a personal approach in a tasteful ambience to make people feel at home. Trained a (clinical business-) psychologist and with management experience of many years, we focus on individual dynamics as well as the total business, both national and international. Our associates are independent professionals, tightly connected to us and sharing our values.

We are affiliated with professional associations:
  • NIP, Dutch professional association of psychologists
  • Dutch Association of Educational & Training Consultants (NVvO)
  • American Society for Training & Development (ASTD)
  • International Stress Management Association (ISMA)