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Pentacompany: optimizing people

Psychological consultancy for professionals, leaders and organizations.

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Our ambition: Optimizing people

‘Optimizing people’ is looking, searching and doing. Observing people and organizations with scientifically founded diagnostic instruments. Searching for individual patterns, talents and qualities that are characteristic and distinguished. Accelerating the professional and personal development to make people fully appreciated and increase their productivity within the organization.
We are constantly looking for the best and most effective approach. This is incredibly inspiring to us.
We apply a combination of solid psychological knowledge and extensive practical experience. We focus on healthy processes, but also contain the action of ailing and unconscious processes.

Our vision

Every trade professionalizes. Employees become professionals, expected to adjust to increasingly unique situations. The market will continue differentiating; limits shift and disappear. This demands quickly adapting, distinguished qualities and the continuous search for a customized approach to development.

Pentacompany responds by providing flexibility, finesse, creativity and personal partnership. Small scale, but with a ‘global touch’...

Five values to realize our ambition
  • Personal attention:
    we are involved with our client
  • Product innovation:
    we strive for innovation and improvement
  • Partnership:
    we share knowledge and responsibility. Together with clients we develop and build towards sustainable working relationships
  • Psychology:
    we have a deep interest in human behaviour
  • Process-focus:
    we obtain the best results through a gradual approach