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Example projects

Refinery (International)
Started with clarifying context, mission and identity, vision. Translated this to future challenges for the current management. Specified these in challenges for each role/ function into appropriate profiles of competencies, motives, personality, knowledge and experience. Used these profiles as the basis of an assessment and development process. Assessments were a combination of Assessment Center, 360 rating, appraisal history and audit by a line manager. All combined data synthesized into into an Overall Assessment Rating (OAR). Following this we executed a variety of development actions. Process is still running (since 2003) and is regularly tested for effectiveness and impact. Scientific investigations indicate a clear improvement on relevant competencies and behaviours.

Media Company (International)
Started with the modification of existing competency profiles, parallel to educating HR professionals in the organisation with evidence based knowledge and concepts about Management Development. Developed MD process with a central role for the Board and with ‘real-life assignments’ as the main vehicle, in combination with use of internal mentors, short training sessions and workshops. As the starting point we did front-end diagnostics by a personality test / interview and specific 360 audit. We conducted assessments throughout Central Europe. Project required intensive partnership between client, suppliers and Pentacompany.