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We help organisations aligning individual and business development paths. Ultimately, the ambitions of the organisation in terms of vision, strategy and culture change need to be converted into actual behavior of each individual employee. Our knowledge and experience in coaching, assessment and training is regularly used in the design and implementation of effective programs. In close partnership, we have designed and implemented various organisation-wide change initiatives.

Pentacompany can play different roles in the process. Sometimes we primarily think as a sparring partner along with directors / management, sometimes we develop new or existing instruments or we do the program-management. In other instances, we facilitate the change process by setting up a Management Development and Talent development program, a cultural change or transition process. We also act as project manager of a change process, with others taking part in separate roles. We encourage taking the proposed development of people and organisations. Also, we measure the results so you know whether we keep on track.

Two examples: