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We coach people to optimize their performance, their career, their life. Self-insight is essential for us, so is building on existing qualities. Our style is questioning and reflective, and directive if appropriate. We ask questions, we direct, we reflect. Our questions broaden the perspective; shed a light on underlying themes. We focus on behaviour change as well as on mental models and convictions.

Our principles of coaching

  • Personality, motivation and abilities are difficult to change;
  • Therefore we build on these and use them as starting point for further development;
  • Insight is more effective than using trial and error;
  • Insight comes from within; it can only be supported;
  • By creating the right conditions we accelerate results
  • We use evidence-based techniques from scientific psychology;
  • We rely on years of experience as clinical psychologists as well as managers.

Pentacompany has a proven track record on:

  • Competency coaching
    Developing competencies like sensitivity, persuasiveness, assertiveness etc.
  • Personal coaching
    Developing insight in personal/professional issues with regard to work-life balance, radical events in work and life.
  • Career coaching
    Reflecting on own career motivation, interest patterns, values, abilities to make better, sustainable choices.
  • Boardroom consulting
    Being a sparring partner for management and executive teams, especially on issues like leadership, cooperation, communication and personal impact.