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Assessment services & Diagnostics

A development process usually starts with a thorough diagnosis: a baseline measurement. Pentacompany offers various types of Assessments and Diagnostics, which are described below.

The goal you have in mind determines the methods we use.

Each assessment form is in a certain ratio composed of three parts, namely:

assessment vorm

Characteristics of our approach...


Customized: by definition

Our different types of Assessment Services:

1. One Day assessment center, our 'classic'
This assessment study takes a full day. The participant makes direct personal contact with the assessment psychologist. We use simulations, tests and interviews. Each investigation ends with an intensive dialogue between participant and psychologist. Purpose of an assessment center is either suitability or development..

The basis of an suitability/selection assessment is a particular role or function. Primary objective is to estimate the chance of successful operation in that specific role. This type of assessment usually takes place in the context of a job application procedure.
Typical for the Pentacompany assessment is that we also look for further development of the participant and are able to consult and support on this.

In a development assessment ('development acceleration center') we focus on the individual against the background of a (future) role. What matters is what and how one can best develop his or her strengths and weaknesses. We give advice on further growth and development opportunities. .
A specific form is the career assessment. The central question is to get a picture of one’s motivation, personality and talents. The career assessment is almost always part of a previously initiated career coaching process.

A sample report is available as a PDF file. (click here)

Talent Identificatie Center (TIC) New
This format is typically part of a talent development programme, in which high potentials of an organisation are selected for a ‘development accelaration pool’. The TIC is an intensive assessment during which unique talents are identified. Talent is a combination of personality, intelligence and motivation, which can turn out to be a personal strength when combined with the proper skills. The TIC provides substantially sharpens and deepens the development goals of high potentials.

2. Mini assessment (’Pentascan’)
The mini-assessment is a brief procedure of about half a day, during which a specific question can be answered. The Pentascan has the same ingredients as a standard assessment, but less of them.

  • Baseline for development of participants joining a Management Development program.
  • Measuring the abstract thinking level of young lawyers for a law firm.
  • Testing commercial aptitude and talents as a basis for the selection of a new sales department of a bank.

3. Psychological Test center
This is a combination of psychological tests with an in-depth interview. In most cases, the focus is on personality, sometimes in combination with cognitive abilities, motivation or a 360 scan. Depending on the need, the most appropriate tools are chosen.

4. Management Audit
The management audit analyses competencies of senior executives focused on meeting strategic organisational goals. It mainly uses structured interviews, supplemented with relevant case studies, simulations and/or tests. Emphasis is placed on personal qualities such as values, attitudes and abilities. It can also be placed on more business dimensions like leadership, professionalism and entrepreneurship. The results are compared to other managers within and outside the organisation. This creates a benchmark providing insights into the effectiveness of a management team.

5. Team Assessment
Sometimes it is necessary to combine individual assessments into a 'group-picture’ which can be used by a team or group of trainees in a management course, for instance. In such cases it can be useful to plot personality profiles or combined competency scores to get an insight into opportunities and threats, strengths and weaknesses for the team. It is also possible to do a complete team assessment by means of real-life observations and tests, as a start of a team development process.

Other services

6. Pentarater/360
Our fully updated tool to gather feedback from the environment, Pentarater/360, is ideally suited to complement the other assessment formats. It is the right solution for a quick and clear understanding of people and organisations. For consultants and coaches, Pentarater/360 is a valuable addition to their existing services. The 360 degree feedback can serve as a starting point for advice or coaching.

7. Trajectory Assessment
This assessment aims to accelerate learning. It consists of a measurement in the form of a complete assessment, mini-assessment or 360 audit, followed by a 5-session targeted coaching process and a post-measurement, normally within a timeframe of six to nine months.

8. International Assessments
After several international customers informed us they were not satisfied with the quality of assessment centers in their various international locations, we decided to build a Network of Pentacompany lookalikes. That was in 2006. Meanwhile, International Partners in Assessment and Development (IPAD) was established, with participants from Germany, USA, China, Brasil, Poland and Slovakia, amongst others.